May 2021


As a professional support team, we are testing 3 x a week in accordance with recommended practice and guidelines.  We take 2 x LFT tests and 1 x PCR test each week.  We are no able to offer LFT testing to you and would urge you to take the test at home - the more we can do to track and trace, have knowledge and insight, the safer we will be going forward.  All details are enclosed in the attached leaflet.


We are now open every 3rd Saturday in the month.  Many people are using a Saturday as their alternative days for when we are closed for Bank holidays.  If not using it as this day you can book in as an extra day.  It is much more relaxed than the working week and there are often additional workshops running alongside the day which you can book at a charge.

All staff will be from Briars Barn Team and a first aider will always be on site.  For more information, please speak to either Lisa or Sara.

If there are any workshops you would like us to run, please do not hesitate to suggest them. 


As from Tuesday 1st June, we will be opening the Snack Shack inside the Barn.  This is in effect an old style Tuck Shop but will be based around healthy snacks in the main alongside some favourites.  We have created this to support skill development such as customer service, listening, understanding, money management, following job descriptions and more.  Teas and coffees will not be chargeable but snacks can be purchased.  Do remember to bring money in if you wish to use the Snack Shack.


Once again, just a reminder about wearing appropriate clothing - we suggest you wear layers so that you can stay warm or indeed take off if the weather is hot.

Predicting the weather can also be a challenge so please ensure that you bring a waterproof jacket - a lot of what we do is outside so it is always best to be prepared.

If wearing sandals in fine weather, we also suggest that you wear ones that have a back to them if poosible and are not just slip-on's - we are a rural environment and the ground can be quite hard under foot.


We have worked rally hard this season to grow some wonderful plants from seed.  You can get flowers and veg from us, pots and hanging baskets and so much more.  Do pop up for a look - there is so much to see.  And we are excellent value!


We are delighted to inform you that you can hire our multi-sensory room for £10 per hour.  It is a wonderful resource that people with learning disabilities can benefit from and has the potential to be a great community resource.

It is created in memory of Susan Tudor, mother of Kirsty who sadly passed away last year.  At present, you can hire it Monday to Friday between 9 and 4pm.  Email to make a booking or call 01827 896 454.

We would be most grateful if you could advise others of this opportunity.


Lexine has for some time had her own small enterprise in crafting.  She has now branched out into cake making.  Every Tuesday and Thursday she is available to make a batch of cupcakes and decorate them to your preference.  It is collection only but as chief taste tasters, we can tell you that they are delicious!

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For further information, call Carol on 01827 896 454 - she will check with Lexine and get back to you.

As always, if there is anything we can help you with, please do not hesitate to contact us.