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  • Welcome

    Briars Barn was founded in 2008 by Sheila Lamb with a vision to create work based opportunities through cottage industry values. Sheila’s own personal experiences with supporting her brother who has Downs Syndrome led her to have a long term vision to create a small cottage industry, providing a working environment that will empower the people with the necessary life skills to enable them to grow as individuals.

    Our dedicated support team promote inclusion and creativity, value and respect. Our goal is to ensure that experiences are interesting and different. We all know that a healthy mind can lead to a healthy body and at Briars Barn, there are plenty of opportunities for both.

    Briars Barn is a unique place offering a modern-day person centred service providing work based experience in a welcoming countryside setting. We promote increased choice, independence, participation and citizenship.

    We are colleagues, not service users or clients – simply people who work together to get things done.

    We believe that everyone is able to contribute regardless of ability – every person can make a difference.

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